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Adventure park Zillertal-Kaltenbach


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The Adventure Park Zillertal-Kaltenbach is a challenging and spectacular nature adventure park for young and old.
There are 7 different courses for all ages.
The mouse course is for children from 3 years and the Xtremwasserfallparcours is due to the difficulty and height only by appointment or guided possible. All other courses can be mastered independently after the safety training. We move from 2m - 35m height and with different length Flying Fox you fly from tree to tree or one of them goes 180m over the gorge.

MICE COURSE This course is for children from 3 years old, equipped with helmet and seatbelt to handle adults and children 7 different stations
BEAVER TRAIL This course can be tackled from a height of 1.10m, there are different exercises and 4 different flying fox to the beavers
FOX TRAIL This is also possible from a height of 1.10m, with the different exercises more skill is needed
BEAR TRAIL From a height of 1.35m possible to cope with this bear, it requires a lot of courage and body feeling, because this is between 10-20m height and a fantastic view of Kaltenbach and the Zillertal
TARZAN TRAIL from 1.40 m height, the various exercises are only swinging to deal, in the half you can rest in the tarzantrone
EXTREME WATERFALL PARCOURS From a height of 1.40 m, breathtaking views over the canyon, various exercises and a kayak you get to the rock face, then you climb the via ferrata to the top of the waterfall 35m high, free-hanging over the waterfall it goes back to the ground, it is not yet over, because then comes the 180m long Flying Fox over the canyon 180M
FLYING FOX A short rope walk leads to the start, then off we go, floating freely you can enjoy the ride over the canyon

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
  • Suitable for kids (all ages)
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Adventure park Zillertal-Kaltenbach

Untere Embergstr. 2 (Parkplatz)
6272 Kaltenbach
Phone: +43 664 9273931
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